Harvest Home Collection

Harvest Home Collection


Gold & Black. They reminded me of the space between day & night. Where the sun still reflects a golden hue as the sky begins to turn black. These colours inspired me to build a collection for fall that reflects the crisp weather, the changing leaves and the shift into equal amounts of sunlight & darkness as the days become shorter and the nights longer.

All of the pieces in this collection stand strong on their own. But we’ve made it so you can purchase two or three or four items and know they will all sit well together. Our hope is this makes it easier to create your own custom compilation from the pieces you love from this special collection. So that you can fill your home with consciously made products that encourage rest, healing, meditation, reflection, movement, comfort and peace. So you can fill your home with a sense of peace knowing that as the weather and daylight shift – your practice can remain consistent, grounded & authentic to you.

We only have one or two of most of these items, so if something calls to you... grab it while you can.

Glenda Sandbag - 10lb

On Sale from $36

On Sale